Sharjah participated with 14 archaeological artifacts in a Fair in China

Under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, Sharjah participated in the Asian civilizations Fair that was held at the National Museum of China, with fourteen archaeological artifacts , reflecting the history and civilization of the UAE, from 13/5/2019 to 20/8/2019. The Dialogue of Asian Civilizations Conference was held in mid-May 2019 in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

A committee of experts from China chose the archaeological artifacts from the authority to be among the 20 pieces representing the UAE at the Fair, with the aim of enhancing communication and exchange between Asian civilizations. Issa Yousef, Director of the Excavation and Archaeological Sites in the authority, participated in this international event within the UAE’s delegation.

Dr. Sabah Aboud Jasim, Director General of the Authority said: The selection of a number of archaeological artifacts by the committee is an important step that reflects the status of antiquities in Sharjah, and the extent of their determination in preserving cultural heritage including finds and archaeological artifacts , and restoring and preserving them, according to the precise international standards, which is a pleasure for us. The Fair will be an opportunity to introduce the world to the Emirates’ civilization and the position of Sharjah through the historical eras, as it was a major attracting hub for the ancient civilizations in the Middle East.

He pointed out that the authority has constantly worked to uncover more archaeological sites in Sharjah, and it has developed a comprehensive program for re-photographing all of them, in addition to photographing all the discovered archaeological finds, whether displayed in museums, or kept in stores, using the state-of-the-art international technologies.

He pointed out that the authority has always worked to supervise all the archaeological sites throughout the emirate, and to provide the necessary protection for them, as well as to combat illicit trafficking of cultural property. The authority also supervises the foreign expeditions’ works in the UAE.

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