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Sharjah Archaeology Authority​​

Titled “Department of Archaeology and Heritage”, under the umbrella of the Department of Culture and Information, Sharjah Archaeology Department was established in 1986 to supervise all the archaeological and heritage sites all over Sharjah emirate and to provide the necessary protection to them; in addition to carrying out the archaeological exploration operations and overseeing the exploration work of the foreign expeditions operating in Sharjah emirate. In 1992, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, member of Supreme Council, ruler of Sharjah emirate, issued the Archaeology Law No. (1) in Sharjah Emirate. The said law includes all the matters related to archaeology and archaeological sites protection and supervision, in addition to fighting the illegal trade and smuggling of the archaeological artifacts. In late 1992, Sharjah Archaeology Department formed a local expedition to explore the archaeological sites, and to coordinate with the foreign exploration expeditions . The local expedition was headed by Dr. Sabah Jassem and it had local members. In 1995, “The Department of Archaeology” was established to manage the Archaeological sites in the emirate, organize the archaeological exploration operations and the process of publication and documentation ,as well as coordination with the relevant government departments and entities. Later on, it was separated from Department of Archaeology. In 2016 ,the sublime Emiri Decree No. 57 of 2016 was issued establishing Sharjah Archaeology Authority – a clear translation of His Highness ruler of Sharjah’s understanding of the importance of archaeology, as being a live witness of civilization, in addition to having everlasting historical records photographing and vocalizing the story of a deeply civilized people of determination who labored and challenged all such difficult environmental circumstances. Never-the-less, they lived and contributed to making history by such huge achievements with such clear marks in the human history and human civilization.

Director General’s Message

The archaeological sites and places are many in the United Arab Emirates, thanks to its strategic location. This has made the U.A.E. one of the most important trade hubs across the region throughout the ages hosting various number of civilizations on its soil. These civilizations have left many archaeological sites, marking such significant milestones in the U.A.E’s great history. The treasures discovered in Sharjah’s archaeological areas are among the most important results of the exploration works on global level, especially that some of them are linked to such information which had remained ambiguous to many archaeological experts and scientists in the past. Sharjah has become a hub for archaeological researches since the seventies of the last century when an Iraqi archaeology team kicked off the first exploration operations in the emirate. This success is attributed to the activities undertaken by Sharjah Archaeology Authority, such as conducting wide archaeology exploration operations, and supervising the foreign archaeology teams. Pursuant to the directives of H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, member of Supreme Council of Union, Ruler of Sharjah, May Allah protect him, with aim to maintain and learn about Sharjah’s archaeology, in addition to promoting awareness on its importance and its great ancient history.

World Heritage file​

Cultural Landscape of the Central Region​

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, member of Supreme Council, and Ruler of Sharjah issued an administrative resolution in January 2018 establishing World Heritage File Committee for the Cultural Landscape of the Central Region of Sharjah emirate. The committee was headed by H.E. Issa Yousef Director of Archaeology and Tangible Heritage in Sharjah archaeology Authority. The resolution specified the tasks and powers of the committee in cooperation with the relevant authorities in order to protect the cultural heritage in the emirate and to coordinate with the International Council on Monuments and Sites “ICOMOS” and the International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management “ICAHM” with regard to listing the Cultural Landscape of the Central Region of Sharjah emirate on the World Heritage List, and preparing a schedule for the execution milestones of the file, and fixing a submission deadline.

Decrees and Laws

Protection of Cultural Heritage

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