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Lecture “Dibba Between History and Archaeology”

Sharjah Archaeology Authority organized a remote lecture through the Zoom program on “Diba between History and Archaeology”. It was addressed by researcher Ahmed Mohamed Obaid, who showed that Diba with its three divisions (Dibba Al-Hisn “Sharjah”, Dibba Al-Fujairah and Dibba Al-Baya “Oman”) was connected in the past as a single city, and traders from India, Sindh, China, and the people of the East and Morocco came to its market. (Arab Markets Market in Al-Jahiliya “Pre-Islam”), and it had a large commercial, political and economic presence, which Al-Tabari described as “great market”.

Mr. Eisa Yousif, Director of the Archaeology and Tangible Heritage at Sharjah Archaeology Authority, discussed the archaeological aspect stating that Diba Al-Hisn has an impressive archaeological history, and that it is from the ancient Arab markets, and a group of human and animal bones and artifacts were found from the first century AD, which were gathered in this place, inside one cemetery.

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