Emirati Achievements on Woman’s World Day

Sharjah Archaeology Authority shared its female employees their celebration on Emirati Woman’s Day, by holding a special event in cooperation with a large number of women employees working for the Authority as well as the higher leadership team. The celebration was held in an atmosphere expressing honor and pride of Emirati woman’s achievements and successes in all fields and sectors.

The celebration was held in the Authority’s building, where a workshop was held under the theme: “Woman The Symbol of Tolerance”, in line with the Emirati Woman Day’s logo for this year. It was presented by Sharjah Community Police Department. The workshop highlighted the importance of tolerance implanted and marinated by fathers within their children. Islam religion encourages people to maintain tolerance and peace, ensuring family stability. Also, the lecture discussed the role of Sharjah Police department in empowering women.

Issa Yousef, director of Archaeology and physical Heritage at the Authority stressed: “Today we express our pride and happiness with the Emirati women’s achievements contributing to the United Arab Emirates’ strong position, ensuring its advancement in all fields regionally and globally. Choosing “Woman the Symbol of Tolerance” as a logo for the celebrations of this year by our prudent leadership for tolerance confirms the ceaseless support from the State and government towards empowering women and ensuring their participation effectively in the public life.”

The celebration also included an exhibition of Authority’s issues in celebration of Sharjah having been named An International Capital for Book 2019. In addition, gifts were distributed to Sharjah Archaeology Authority’s women employees who expressed their happiness and appreciation on this dear day for them. They also stressed that these events give them more power and incentive to realize distinction and to continue innovative work in service of the Authority particularly, and serving Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates generally.

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تاريخ عمارة الجامع الأزهر منذ العصر الفاطمي حتى نهاية العصر المملوكي

محاضرتنا الاثنين القادم بعنوان “تاريخ عمارة الجامع الأزهر منذ العصر الفاطمي حتى نهاية العصر المملوكي” يقدمها الدكتور أحمد مجدي سالم، في تمام الساعة 4:30 مساءً.

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