Sharjah Archaeology Authority organizes a field tour to Khor Fakkan for the Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority

The Sharjah Archaeology Authority organized a field tour to several important archaeological and historical sites in Khor Fakkan for a delegation from the Commerce and Tourism Development Authority. The tour included visits to Khorfakkan Portuguese fort, Al Adwani Tower, Khorfakkan Fort Museum, the archaeological wall, and the historical area in Al Zubara, with the aim of promoting tourism in the emirate of Sharjah.  
Eisa Yousif, Director of Archaeology Department at Sharjah Archaeology Authority, said: “We organized this field tour for our partners in the Commerce and Tourism Development Authority to a number of historical and archaeological sites in Khor Fakkan, where we highlighted to the attendees the historical importance of these sites. The sites indicate that the region is a human settlement area and an important civilization region. We are keen to promote Khor Fakkan’s history and the cooperation of the Commerce and Tourism Development Authority is part of our strategy to do so. The Authority runs vital programs, plans and strategies to promote tourism within the emirate of Sharjah.”
Yousif pointed out that the delegation expressed its thanks and appreciation for the Archaeology Authority’s efforts in spreading the message of Sharjah’s history and civilization, dating back more than 125,000 years. He added that the Authority’s vision focuses on making Sharjah a pioneer in the field of archaeological protection, preserving archaeology discoveries, and following best practices and standards to protect sites and historical areas.
This tour contributed to supporting Sharjah as a tourism, archaeology, and cultural destination. The cooperation between the Sharjah Archaeology Authority and the Commerce and Tourism Development Authority will add to the promotion of Sharjah’s archaeological discoveries and place the emirate on the map as a desirable tourist and archaeology destination.

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