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Lecture on physical techniques in archaeology

Sharjah Archaeology Authority organized a new virtual lecture, presented via the system “Zoom”, by Professor Dr. Ata Al Mannan Jaafar, Head of the Department of Applied Physics and Astronomy at the College of Science, University of Sharjah, and under the title “Physical Techniques in Archaeology”

The lecture sheds light on the techniques available for archaeological history, from radioactive carbon to electronic resonance, as well as X-ray analysis techniques, isotope analysis, and other techniques in analytical science. The lecturer said: Real progress in archaeology occurred in the middle of the twentieth century, when geophysical survey techniques were used to discover many archaeological sites buried underground. The lecturer considered that these techniques are among of the most important means of studying antiquities for the purpose of discovering, preserving, restoring, or rooting them, and the aims of studying them, taking note of everything related to this science. The lecturer highlighted the value of antiquities historically, tourist, cultural, religious, economic, aesthetic, and presented a number among the archaeological assets and finds, available at the archaeological sites in the Emirate of Sharjah. The number of attendees reached 100 followers, represented in specialists, scholars, and delegates. Their questions and inquiries varied. They gained precious knowledge on archaeology and its outputs.

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