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Bronze tetradrachm coin

Place Discovered




TH: 0.2 cm , D: 1.05 cm

Date Discovered

Bronze tetradrachm coin from Mleiha.

Obverse: head of Heracles wearing the pelt of a lion, on the right. The nose is slightly arcuated and the lips are made of two traits. The eye is almond-shaped. The pelt is realized through a succession of scales and the lion’s throat surrounds the ear like a hollow horn.

reverse: Zeus, half draped and crossed (or paralleled?) legs, is sitting on the left on a straight-backed throne. He shows a flattened trunk and his hair is almost ruffled. With his left arm, he is holding a long vertical sceptre and on his right stretched one, a small horse going rightward. To the right, Aramaic letters indicating the name Abi’el. Under Shamash’ right arm, the “trident” pointing rightward. On the left, a palm tree.

Sharjah, UAE. On display in the Sharjah Archaeology Authority. C

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