‘The Sharjah Archeology Authority organized a virtual lecture entitled “Surveying and excavation work in Islamic antiquities in the deserts… the Sinai desert as a model”, in which the researcher and expert specializing in Islamic antiquities, Dr. Sami Saleh Al-Bayadi, Director General of North Sinai Antiquities Affairs at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, spoke about the importance of building the history of the Sinai desert in general, and the Islamic history and antiquities in this desert, which differs from all deserts in Egypt, the lecture was attended by more than 180 participants who are interested in preserving antiquities from inside and outside the state.

تاريخ عمارة الجامع الأزهر منذ العصر الفاطمي حتى نهاية العصر المملوكي

محاضرتنا الاثنين القادم بعنوان “تاريخ عمارة الجامع الأزهر منذ العصر الفاطمي حتى نهاية العصر المملوكي” يقدمها الدكتور أحمد مجدي سالم، في تمام الساعة 4:30 مساءً.

لحضور المحاضرة يرجى الضغط على الرابط التالي:

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