‘Sharjah Archaeology authority (SAA) organized a virtual lecture entitled “Sharjah’s cultural role through archaeological discoveries through the ages” by Mr. Issa Youssef, Director of the Department of Archaeology and physical heritage, Sharjah Archaeology authority (SAA). The Sharjah Archeology Authority organized a virtual lecture via Zoom program entitled “Sharjah’s Civilizational Role through Archaeological Discoveries during history”, presented by Mr. Issa Yousef – Director of the Department of Archeology and Material Heritage, at the Sharjah Archeology Authority. The lecturer reviewed the eras and periods of the Emirate of Sharjah, which placed it at the forefront of the global archeology scene, he introduced Dr. Yazan Abu Al-Hassan, with the participation of 165 specialized and non-specialist participants, who are seeking to enrich their culture and knowledge, especially in the field of archeology which receives welcomes and appreciation.