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Sharjah Archaeology Authority discovers historic castle remains and foundations in Khor Kalba

Archaeological excavations continue in cooperation with the Portuguese mission

Sharjah Archaeology Authority (SAA) in cooperation with a group of foreign archaeological missions will continue archaeological excavations across the Emirate of Sharjah. The excavations will be conducted under the supervision of SAA in cooperation with several universities and institutes specialized in archaeological research and cultural heritage, from across the world.

The foreign missions are expected to operate during the excavation seasons starting from October and lasting until April, as part of internationally accredited agreements in the field of research and archaeological excavation. Researches on the outcome of the excavations are published in the Sharjah Archaeology Yearbook.

His Excellency Dr Sabah Abboud Jasim, Director-General, Sharjah Archaeology Authority said, “The Portuguese mission is currently operating in the eastern region of the Emirate of Sharjah, specifically in Khor Fakkan and Khor Kalba, where we found remains and foundations of walls that may be part of the Portuguese historical castle. There is a possibility that another castle existed in the Khor Kalba, as the two areas are extremely important from the historical and archaeological aspects.”

Eisa Yousif, Director of Archaeology and Tangible Heritage at Sharjah Archaeology Authority said, “The excavations on the site began five years ago and are currently underway. Several discoveries were made four years ago, when several pieces of pottery, fireplaces and a well were found, indicating the importance of the site. “

The Portuguese mission will work on a study to develop a plan for the proper restoration and maintenance of the site. There will be an integrated plan in place to use the site as part of an archaeological park linked to the historical area. The team is hoping to witness positive results encouraging the continuation of the excavation efforts in the region, added Yousif.

The foreign missions also include a Japanese mission currently operating in Dibba, an Austrian mission excavating in the city of Kalba,  Belgian mission operating in Meleha, a German mission specialized in ancient stone ages, excavating in Faya Mountain and the Jabal Al Bahis site, a Spanish mission working in the central region and an American mission conducting excavations in the Tal Abraq site. The Sharjah Archaeology Authority seeks to bolster the cultural heritage of Sharjah, by locating various archaeological sites and historical areas in the Emirate, conducting archaeological excavations, along with the restoration and maintenance of several archaeological findings.

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