Tombs, Mleiha Archaeological Center, Sharjah



L= Length
W = Width
T = Thickness
D = Diameter
B.D = Base Diameter
M.D = Mouth Diameter


Date Discoverd

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MLH-5 Monumental and Subterranean Tombs, Mleiha Archaeological Center, SharjahA large graveyard located south of the fort. The types of tombs and the findings which have been unearthed at MLH-5 suggest the site was in use from the 2nd Century BCE to the 1st Century CE. Six monumental tombs were discovered; three in the central part of the graveyard and the other three around 25m to the south. Some of these tombs have been reconstructed.All of the tombs share a distinct architectural design with a large square or rectangular shaped pit dug 2m to 3m deep forming the burial chamber. Tomb towers were usually around 2.5m – 3m tall and constructed from square or rectangular gypsum bricks, then topped with a crenulated frieze and coated with gypsum plaster. There are also subterranean tombs, a rectangular pit surrounded by two or three rows of mud bricks over which stone slabs were placed.

تاريخ عمارة الجامع الأزهر منذ العصر الفاطمي حتى نهاية العصر المملوكي

محاضرتنا الاثنين القادم بعنوان “تاريخ عمارة الجامع الأزهر منذ العصر الفاطمي حتى نهاية العصر المملوكي” يقدمها الدكتور أحمد مجدي سالم، في تمام الساعة 4:30 مساءً.

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