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Jabal Al-Emaileh Tomb I

Place Discovered

Jebel Emeilah - Sharjah


Bronze Age, Pre-Islamic



Date Discovered

Jabal Al-Emaileh is a site located approximately 15km south of Mleiha, Sharjah that consists of four stone funeary structures including Tomb I. Excavations into Tomb I were completed in 1993 and revealed fragmentary human bone, well-preserved human skulls, thousands of beads, a feeding shell, a shell necklace, and ceramics. Ceramics associatd with the tomb date c. 2600 – 2400 B.C. A later intrusive burial (pre-Islamic) was also encountered and was accompanied by an iron sword.


Text Source:

Annual Sharjah Archaeology: Twelfth Report (1993 – 1994). Annual Magazine concerned with publication of the result of archaeological excavations and researches in the Emirate of Sharjah Sharjah Archaeology Authority – Govt. of Sharjah

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