A lecture on Islamic Arabic inscriptions in the Wadi al-Kharqa region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Sharjah Archeology Authority organized, within its biweekly lectures; On the Zoom platform, on Monday, September 27, 2021, a lecture was given by Dr. Risa Tokunaga, a visiting professor, participating in the Research Center for Ancient Civilizations and Cultural Resources at Kanazawa University, under the title: “Arab-Islamic Inscriptions in the Wadi al-Kharqa region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, in which Dr. The site of Wadi al-Kharqa and the characteristics of the Islamic inscriptions in it, and mentioned its most important characteristics with the introduction of the long lineages, and at the end of the lecture a simplified definition of the ancient inscriptions and rock drawings in and around Wadi al-Kharqa.

تاريخ عمارة الجامع الأزهر منذ العصر الفاطمي حتى نهاية العصر المملوكي

محاضرتنا الاثنين القادم بعنوان “تاريخ عمارة الجامع الأزهر منذ العصر الفاطمي حتى نهاية العصر المملوكي” يقدمها الدكتور أحمد مجدي سالم، في تمام الساعة 4:30 مساءً.

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