‘Sharjah Archaeology Authority organized a tele-lecture through zoom program entitled “Dibba between history and antiquities”, the historical aspect of which was addressed by researcher Ahmed Mohammed Obaid, where he showed that Dibba with its three setions (Dibba Al Hosn “Sharjah”, Dibba Fujairah and Dibba Al bayah “Oman” were connected as a single city. Traders from India, Sindh, China, and the people of the Orient and Morocco come to visit its market (Souq Al-Arab market in jahiliya), it was of great commercial, political and economic presence, Al- Tabari called it “the great market”. Mr. Issa Yusuf, Director of the Department of antiquities and physical heritage at Sharjah Antiquities Authority, explained that Dibba Al Hosn has a remarkable archaeological history and is one of the ancient Arab markets, a collection of human and animal bones and artifacts from the first century AD were found in this place within a single cemetery.