‘As part of its archaeological and educational activities held biweekly through the “zoom” program, Sharjah Archaeology Authority organized a scientific lecture by Dr. Fayza riash, professor at the Faculty of media and communication sciences at the University of Algeria, on Monday, 29/3/2021, entitled: “Algeria 2.4 million years of existence”, during which she observed the different civilizations that Algeria witnessed in different eras”, the High ancient era, and others” such as:” Ibero-Maghreb, qafsiyah, mestiria, and atariyah”, and the many distinctive sites in which the archaeological tools of civilization were completed such as the sites:”Raih, kolmnata, tagnif, Haj, mushta Al-Arabi, Khanqah Al-muhahad, and between here Katan”. The lecture was presented by Mr. Issa Youssef, deputy director general of the commission, and was attended by approximately 97 participants.