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Petroglyph 1, Wadi al Hilo, Sharjah.

Place Discovered

Wadi Al Helo - Sharjah






Petroglyph 1, Wadi al Hilo, Sharjah. This rock facer has numerous representations of the Neolithic, primarily various animals such as ibex and wild ass. Still under study and investigation.

Wadi Helo (Arabic: وادي حلو, literally ‘Sweet wadi’) is a seasonal watercourse located in the Hajar Mountains of Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates. There are remains of a massive 19th century village, as well as houses and features dating from the Neolithic to the Islamic Period. The site is important for both the extensive water course, and for the rich copper deposits that were mined for over 8000 years. Numerous petroglyphs are found along the edge of the wadi.

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