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Petroglyph C6

Place Discovered

Khatmat Malaha - Sharjah


1800 AD




Petroglyph C6 Khatm Al Melaha, Kalba, Sharjah. A figure of a man with vertical hair or hat. He might be holding a shield in his left hand. Khatm Al Melaha is a spectacular archaeological site on the coast of the Oman Sea near Kalba in Sharjah, UAE. It is one of the largest rock art sites in the UAE. There are also stone houses, a shell midden, stone tombs and other features that date this site has having occupations from at least the early Holocene to the 19th century. Over 175 stones with petroglyphs were documented and close to 400 motifs were identified. Every rock with a glyph was given an ID number and a GPS coordinate. In total 25455 terrestrial photographs, 5244 drone photographs, 44 drone videos, and 182 GPS points (+/- 1cm) were done in a single day.
All processed in Reality Capture.

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