Thuqeibah – Pool 12



L= Length
W = Width
T = Thickness
D = Diameter
B.D = Base Diameter
M.D = Mouth Diameter


Date Discoverd

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Al-Thuqeibah is a settlement, dated to the Iron Age II from 1000 to 600 BC. It is located south of the Al Dhaid city of at the southern end of Al Madam oasis in the central part of the Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Its name today is due to the name of a nearby well that is currently buried. Excavations at Thuqeibah began in late 1987, by multiple archaeological teams from Sharjah, France and Spain. Since then, excavations have found houses built of mud-brick, gardens, and other finds proving the manufacture of mud-brick in it. At the bottom of a small drainage basin hundreds of visible human hand and footprints, animal hooves and traces of tools were found preserved in good condition. In 2019 all previously discovered at Al Thuqeibah site recorded and documented through aerial surveys and photography and ground-based laser scanner; to obtain high-resolution three- dimensional photos.

تاريخ عمارة الجامع الأزهر منذ العصر الفاطمي حتى نهاية العصر المملوكي

محاضرتنا الاثنين القادم بعنوان “تاريخ عمارة الجامع الأزهر منذ العصر الفاطمي حتى نهاية العصر المملوكي” يقدمها الدكتور أحمد مجدي سالم، في تمام الساعة 4:30 مساءً.

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