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Pre-Islamic Copper Coin

Place Discovered




Date Discovered

Pre-Islamic Copper Coin, Mleiha, Sharjah, UAE. On display in the Sharjah Archaeology Authority. 2nd-1st C BCE. Catalog number unk. Processed in Reality Capture from 367 images.

Copper coin (12) Obverse: Athena head on the right. Her helmet, which is not represented, is summarized by a sequence of small festoons/scallops forming a sort of crown. Low, other inverted festoons/scallops indicate the quiffs of the horse. Her nose is straight. The eye is indicated by two traits framing a dot and the mouth Is made of two short traits. Finally, on the left, the ear is slightly sketched. and on the right some letters.

Reverse: frontal owl. The eyes are circular with a big central dot. the feathering is formed by vertical traits and on the body by some big dots. and in the left olive sprig and crescent to left”

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