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Pre-Islamic Bronze Coin

Place Discovered




TH: .51 cm , D: 2.53 cm

Date Discovered

Pre-Islamic Bronze Coin, Mleiha, Sharjah, UAE. In storage in the Sharjah Archaeology Authority. 1st C BCE – 1st C CE.

“1st century BC – 1st century AD. copper Tetradrachm (12g.)– Obverse: smooth and lightly rounded side. – Reverse: extremely schematic representation of Shamash sitting on the left on a stool, with paralleled legs. In his left hand he holds a long sceptre and in his right hand an eagle . On the right side, vertically few spears and a ring recalling a (Greek?) inscription. Behind the head of the character, a ring. In front of him, on the left side, a big south-Arabic shin.

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